Monday, January 4, 2016

Let Go- The List

I mentioned that I'm making a list of things that I need to "Let Go".  It will be an ever growing list I'm sure.  It is an interesting activity for me to actually have on hand because I've noticed that a lot of my "letting go" issues are tied up into a main root issues.

The first that I noticed was my fear of man, or "people pleasing" if you will.  My how this has haunted me since I was a child.  More on this later.

For now, may I present the list:

Let Go!

...of false expectations (of others and myself)
...of bitterness
...of pleasing everybody
...of perfection
...of grief
...of late nights
...of selfishness
...of "getting it right"
...of picture perfect days
...of guilt and shame
...of control
...of regret
...of the burden I'm not meant to carry
...of performance base religion
...of doubt
...of anxiety
...of worry
...of fear
...of getting everyone to like me
...of believing lies
...of owning too much stuff
...of condemnation
...of judgment
...of achieving perfect health
...of being the "best" at something
...of the past
...of discontentment
...of comparison
...of stress

This list will be updated as the year goes along (at least in my notebook).  Some of these things may relate to you and some may not.  Somethings may mean something slightly different to you than they do for me, for example; I want to get up early, so I'm "letting go" of late nights (ie: staying up past 10:40.). While others are pretty straightforward.  Stress, anyone?

I don't know how this will look past January.  And perhaps I'll forget about it in March.  (I hope not! Just being honest here, folks!)  Either way, I'm delighting in it now.  ;)  Its honestly quite freeing.

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